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Monday, February 6

Private Practice in Flint

Yvonne and I are working mainly at a private clinic in Flint, providing internal medicine and pediatric expertise to its patient population. The practice has 3 clinic sites, two on Flushing road and one on Saginaw road. One of these sites is an urgent care. This variety has been very exciting for Yvonne and I as we embark on the adventure of working with physicians and nurse practitioners - seeing different of practicing styles amongst all the health care providers.
In the urgent care setting, I am seeing patients with acute presentations, while at the other 2 clinic sites, I am seeing patients with chronic illnesses. At all the sites I also get to see pediatric patients. It has been a practice with a broad spectrum of patients, which has been great for educational and academic learning. I have also seeing a trend, of a lot of URI symptoms, given the current weather and its changes. Another aspect I've enjoyed, is that Dr. Arif and Dr. Ahmed take any opportunity they can get to add a teaching moment to every patient visit. Because of this, I have also learned about new medications that are either on trial or already in the market, and it's impact on patients' quality of lives.
Aside from clinical time, we have also been working on our community projects, which entail providing educational sessions on Diabetes and Hypertension with the patients waiting to be seen at the clinic, as well as providing Spanish classes at a local high school. It has been a slow start on these projects, but we are excited to share our results and impact with our other LMU students, as these programs further develop.

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