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Tuesday, February 7

Hamilton North Pointe Clinic and Breast Cancer and the Environment

I've been working at the North Pointe Hamilton Clinic on the North side of Flint since early January.  I see patients with the Med/Peds residents and then present the cases to the attending physicians.  The clinic has been very busy lately!  I've been able to interact with a multitude of patients from different backgrounds.  The clinic serves a population that is mostly Medicare, Medicaid, or uninsured.  Most of the patients have multiple chronic medical conditions that have not been addressed in many years.  I get to work with the residents in creating a plan of attack on which issues to address first, and which ones can wait until later.  I am getting more comfortable with management of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and COPD.   I also get to help with a lot of well child visits, which are my favorite!  I love seeing kids and counseling parents on nutrition, anticipatory guidance, safety, and behavior.

I've also been working with the MSU Extension office here in Flint on a research project showing a connection between the consumption of high amounts of animal fat, exposure to phthalates, and BPA exposure during adolescence and the later development of breast cancer.  I will be going around to various schools in Flint this month presenting the research results after nutrition classes.  My goal is to make the public aware of the importance of a healthy diet and the dangers of certain chemicals (phthalates and BPA) and what kinds of products contain those chemicals.  Hopefully I can make an impact.

These two months of LMU are flying by!  I've learned a lot and have enjoyed the exposure to underserved populations.  I plan to take this knowledge and incorporate it in my future patient encounters no matter where I end up practicing.

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