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Sunday, February 1

Let's Go to Mulembe.....

Hello all,

We are having a great time in Uganda and learning lots! We all have a lot of photos from our trip. Here are a few photos that I took from our trip.

Sarah and Stephanie with two kids living near the FIMRC clinic. They were so excited to see us on our first day at the clinic. These two girls accompanied us as we toured around the village. Also, they love styling hair!
Sarah, Irene, and I were having a lot of fun sewing menstrual pads for the Women's Group. We taught the women how to sew their own menstrual pads using ours as samples. My menstrual pad was used as the "how not to sew" sample.
The patient waiting area at the FIMRC clinic, also known as station 1. On a busy morning, the waiting area would be packed before we arrive at the clinic. Patients would first get registered here before getting their vitals taken in station 2. Station 3 is where they would see the clinic officer for medical care. If patients require medication, they would be sent over to station 4 to pick up their prescriptions. In station 5, patients will have their exit interview and receive patient education. 

Loading some of our donated medical supplies on the boda boda (motorcyle). 

Isaac, the lab technician, was excited when he received a new microscope from our donations. 

Local children having a great time participating in a mini photoshoot with Stephanie V. We passed by these kids everyday on our way to the clinic. They are always enthusiastic and are never shy to say hi to us. 

I got my hair styled by these two young ladies at the FIMRC pavilion. Not a bad job!

Thank you for viewing our blog. We will load more photos very soon, so be on a look out for new posts! 

- Team Uganda 2015

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