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Saturday, February 21

Return from Mulembe

In celebration of our last week abroad, here's a poem attempting to capture our trials and tribulations in Uganda.

To mulembe, we were sent,
Bushika Junior empowerment.
Mona mona, coffee roasting,
Downhill all the bodas coasting.

Childhood rashes, Post Test Club,

Pepto-Bismol, pink with love.
Richard, outreach, miles, who’s countin?
Kids with babies, up a mountain.

Hey muzungu, how are you?!

Morning nausea, diarrhea x2.
Bufuma in the morn with Bosco,
Rafting down the Nile, also.

Homebrew or mosquito nets,

Cetamol 1gram TDS.
Matoke on a plate like Nuusu,
Passion fruit I could get used to.

Excess matatu, rising sun,

Going to get Bududa lung.
Mai the cat, such a pest,
Fan-taa, Stoney or a Krest.

Popcorn and a movie screen,

GO GO Bushika soccer team!
Puzzle pieces missing still,
DEET latrine. All bugs. Must kill.

Sipi falls, a mighty wind,

Masala fries all day, a binge.
Setting goals with OVCs,
Tuesday meat not what it seems.

Eggs, toast and G.nut paste,

Bucket showers IN THEE FACE.
Lugisu, Musa’s time to train us,
Always, Quoc, ali kuena?

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