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Wednesday, January 15

Welcome to Huancayo!

The Peru team arrived in Huancayo on Sunday night and was happy to meet our wonderful host family, the Thomas's. They are a wonderful family - so gracious, generous, and friendly! We have had some great bonding times over lunches and dinners already. 

David and Phil in our living room. Pics of our family to come!

Each morning this week, we load into a bus to go to one of the hospitals in Huancayo.

Here we are on the first day with our white coats and smiles!

Each morning, we split into two groups. One group goes to Carrion hospital, a public hospital that accepts all patents regardless of ability to pay.  The other group goes to Carmen, a hospital part of the Essalud health insurance plan which requires payment to join. This insurance program is typically for government officials and professional workers.

A very bright morning at Hospital Carrion
This week has been a great taste of being a resident with the responsibility to teach students! There were approximately 15 pre-med students from Brown University and University of Illinois in Huancayo this week. We have been rounding with these students. It is very interesting attempting to understand the medical Spanish from the doctors and Peruvian medical students while also teaching the pre-med students. John and I were able to provide basics on chest x-ray reading, APGAR scores, the newborn exam, hyperbilirubinemia, stages of labor, and AIDS related diseases during rounds and observation in the past few days. We also observed some deliveries together and visited babies in the nursery and step-down NICU.

John teaches CXR reading to Brown University and University of Illinois pre-med students

We also have had the great opportunity to interact with Peruvian medical students. They are currently on summer break (southern hemisphere!), but volunteering their time to guide us around the hospital, teach us medical Spanish, and have fun!
Our group with our wonderful Peruvian medical students
Yesterday, we taught the students how to take blood pressures for our upcoming blood pressure clinic. This afternoon, Laurie led a suturing clinic for all the pre-med students, MPH students, and Peruvian medical students. It was a good refresher while we helped teach students basic suturing skills on pig's feet. Laurie did a fantastic job! 

"... and this is how you do it ..."

Laurie did a fantastic job and will make the best of surgical residents!

It has been a great week and we are looking forward to the next couple days, and next week as well! See you next time!

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