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Sunday, December 29

Chris - Happy New Year & Peru Supply List

Happy New Year (Almost!) from Germany! 
I am happy to spend the holidays and new year celebrating at my parents' house along with my sister Betsy and her family in my childhood town of Kandern, Germany. Here is a photo of some of us storming the Sausenberg Castle yesterday. 

I am personally excited for the upcoming year of 2014 for a number of reasons including international experiences, graduation from medical school in May, and starting pediatric residency this summer while the World Cup plays in Brazil!

Speaking of the World, it is time to give an update on how one of the international electives planning is coming along.

Huancayo, Peru
I just received an email from Christine Record, MPH the Field Operations Manager for the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children in Peru. She gave us the down and dirty about airport pickup on January 11th, and which hostel we will visit before taking the bus out to Huancayo. I am not sure about the living arrangements in Huancayo and will be happy no matter the placement, but I am hoping for a host family! I think we will find out soon. My personal goal is to speak Spanish to complete medical interviews competently before residency begins this summer.

Her email also lists more supplies needed in Huancayo. These include children's vitamins, prenatal vitamins, school supplies, and surgical kits (masks, booties, hair nets) and N95 masks which protect against tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. 

If you had medical needs, would you accept donations? If so, please consider making a donation to some of the people in Huancayo, Peru at http://lmu.msufame.msu.edu/donate.php.

Well that's all for this update. More to come soon!

Signing off,

Pop quiz - can you find Huancayo on the map? 
Hint: At roughly 10,000 feet high it is in the mountains of Peru.

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